Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's The Thought That Counts

We have all heard it said "it's the thought that counts". Our financially lean years test this because as a giver we can feel badly that we cannot do more and as a receiver we can feel slighted. Our age is no matter because even children can look around and see what friends have received. Yes, it is petty and something we may not want to admit about ourselves but it definitely can happen.

I remember years ago. I was a single mother and funds were tight. There was no money for extras. That Christmas my brother was doing well and when I opened a Christmas card from him he had given me a round trip ticket to Hawaii. I burst into tears. At that time in my life I had never even been on a plane let alone travelled to paradise. I held on to the ticket for a while and in the end traded it in so that I could buy food and pay basic expenses after asking him first if that would be okay.

The next year rolled around and it was Christmas again. The gifts were being opened and my brother had bought me a big winter sweater. It was a nice sweater but I remember feeling surprised at how much my brother's financial situation had changed. It was almost as if the gift giving was giving a window into the financial lives of others.

More years passed. We got together for dinner at mom's house as usual and it was so good to see my brother and have us all together. I have no recollection what gifts were exchanged. All I know is that the next day I got a phone call that my almost 25 year old brother had died. It was a life changing Christmas.

Christmas - it's the thought that counts. As this season comes up love those you love as much as you can. Be thankful for each and everyone sitting around the table. Whether you are gifted with a trip to paradise, a warm sweater for the cold, or being in the presence of someone you love it is a joyful time. And remember why we celebrate. Christmas. The name says it all.

I wanted to share my two favorite Christmas movies and hope you have a chance to catch them again or for the first time. Usually they have been on Lifetime but I see one has moved to CBS

The Christmas Shoes
Home by Christmas

I just found that Lifetime has a neat feature where you can find your movies and in addition to seeing the times it will be showing you can also receive an email reminder. You can tell I'm easily pleased. :) I also love sticky notes, my walls and computer can become wallpapered with them. Wish I would have invented them.

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