Saturday, February 13, 2010

Starting a food storage program.

I highly recommend starting a food storage program the next time you go to the grocery store! The easiest way to start is simple. When you find one of the items that you commonly purchase on a great sale buy in quantity. Instead of buying a can, buy a case. Instead of buying one jar of 1/2 price mayo, buy six. Each time you find yourself in the grocery store scan the ads and aisles for the best price on something you would normally use and buy more. Just be sure that you are buying non perishable items and/or that you are able to keep them in a manner that they will not spoil before you use them. You can put six packages of hamburger in the freezer but buying six heads of lettuce is not a good idea. Another thing is to watch and not buy too much of what your family considers treats such as potato chips, pop, or sweets. I once bought a case of Sunny D thinking that it would last a couple months only to find my son had drank the whole case in a week! I won't mention any names here for those of you who know my family but it starts with M.

There are many useful books and articles about building food storage programs and many are based on being prepared for emergencies. But, to me, the best motivation is that it saves money! 2/14/10 I just found a great new blog on this subject and have added a button on the left.

As you continue to build your storage it will save you trips to the store, keep you from buying items that are not on sale, and is an excellent way to start your own savings account with the items your family uses the most.

If you don't have much space start with one shelf in the closet or under a bed. If you still can't find the room it might be a good time to pick up a copy of In The Trenches and read the Annual 50%. Just click on the picture of the book and it will take you straight to where you can order a copy today.

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