Monday, February 15, 2010

New ideas. New people.

One of the greatest benefits about learning new money ideas is that you get to talk to some new and interesting people. When we are having financial challenges or problems we can begin to feel isolated or alone and can make ourselves miserable with thinking about it. But, the situation is opportunity in disguise.

This is a time of opportunity. Opportunity to meet new people, get new ideas, develop new lifestyles that will enrich us far beyond our pocketbooks.

There are many now experiencing the pinch who are just waiting for the moment they can get a break and will go right back to all the old things that they used to do. They will breath a sigh of relief and keep going. They will miss the opportunity.

There are others who will grasp this opportunity and learn, grow, and do things in a new and better way in the future. People, ideas, and change are the keys to this success. In my own search I found Christina who blogs on Check out her site. She's doing a great job!

Since you are walking this route anyway be sure and stop and shake the hands of others that walk along with you.

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