Sunday, January 10, 2010

For couples

Much of my writing is directed toward the one person who manages the finances. This could be a single person or a marriage where one person is designated to handle the primary financial responsibilities. Marriage provides additional opportunities and challenges in managing finances because it is easy to start pulling in different directions. Community property laws in most states further complicate the autonomy of an individuals choices because one person in very real ways becomes responsible for the choices of another. A veritable hot bed of subjects to fight about. The link to the article below raises many of these issues and gives some thoughts on dealing with them. I have been adding more links to the writings of others lately because there is so much good information available right now. Of course, I highly recommend reading "In The Trenches, Financial Survival in Times of Hardship" but I also acknowledge that there are many good sources out there to assist in your journey. The more you can read the more ideas you can have to get your family through any difficulties you might be having. The American Economy must be rebuilt one family at a time.

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