Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Saddle Shoes - Bridging the Generation Gap

They're back!   Saddle shoes are back on the market and in full colors and whatever size heel you feel comfortable in.  It has been said that if a woman keeps her clothes in the closet long enough they will come back in style and this is one I have been waiting for.  In fact, I have been checking online and ebay for the past three years.

This is how they partied in the 50's but the shoes were so popular they were worn all the time.
I can almost picture my mother wearing this outfit.  Right down to the watch and pedal pushers.

Then there was my generation.  In the transition between the 60's and 70's we had everything from the flower children to the short skirts and fish nets.  During all of my high school years we had to have red tag Levi's, a shirt I think was called a feldman, a zip up sweatshirt that they now refer to as hoodies, and our shoes were either waffle stompers or saddle shoes. The minute we got home with our new pair of shoes we literally would take them out to the side walk and scuff them all up. No one could know they were new.  It took a while to find a picture of the look but I found a site called CHICTOPIA that had a section called Saddle Shoes With Jeans that was right on the mark. 
Now we enter 2012. And what a change the years have made but it's still Saddle Shoes

Check these out!  I would love to have a pair!
Google Saddle Shoes to see all the available colors and styles.   And, yes, I was thrilled to find a pair of traditional black and white ones at a garage sale that were worn only three hours.  The price?  $3!  I was SO HAPPY that everyone was laughing at me.

So whatever your age, whatever your style, get your Saddle Shoes NOW!  If you miss your chance it may be another 20 or 30 years!


Practical Parsimony said...

LOL...I can just see you doing a happy dance over saddle shoes!

I hated saddle shoes. Mama made me wear them. I wanted penny loafers. It was not the stylish thing about either. I hated having shoes tied to my feet, getting them all hot. Loafers were cooler and less constricting.

To this day, I refused to wear a shoe that is tied on. I prefer slip on shoes or Mary Janes that buckle.

But, I remember saddle shoes well.

Carol Schultz said...

lol. I do remember the penny loafers as well. Classy girl you were!