Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In The Trenches - Fashion

Remember the old Lady Clairol commercials that always ended with "Only her hairdresser knows for sure"? That's the way I am about the prices of my clothing. When someone comments that they like something I'm wearing I smile and say "Thank you" and usually leave it at that.

Recently at work I was told that I had the cutest wardrobe in our office. Of course it was just one person's opinion but I was happy to hear it.  Again, I just smiled, for three reasons:
1) I'm over 50. If you are over 50 you know that each compliment on our appearance is even more appreciated than when we were 25 :)
2) Having lived in the country for over 20 years the idea of dressing up for most is a clean pair of jeans. For me they were far to constricting so I much preferred sweats.
3) The items of clothing I get the most compliments on are the ones I have purchased at garage sales and thrift stores!

So, because you are my readers I decided to give you a preview of some of the items and the secret of what I paid for them. Hopefully this will give your own morale a boost and encourage you to not only shop wisely but also to donate your no longer needed items so that someone else may enjoy and benefit from them. I'm very camera shy so modeling is not part of the deal.

A favorite at $6
Look at the beading, sequins, and  buttons.

One of my most expensive purchases at about $12.
  It looks great with black slacks.
New for $5

50 Cent blouses.  I love the asymmetrical one.

Red leather $15, Black leather $2!
This is one of the most complimented items.
The pants and long jacket was $5 (brand new when purchased) and the blouse is the 50 Cent item picture earlier.

More 50 Cent Blouses

I'm saving this for Mothers Day
See the $12.99 Savers tag? but I got it 50% off
The original packaging lines are still on the dress.  Yes, silk.

And, my official In The Trenches outfit.
(I also have some Capri pants)
Blouse 50 cents, Skirt $3
Picking, choosing, and finding ones style is part of the fun.  Kim at Uniquely Savvy specializes in doing just that.  Find her at facebook - her tips, ideas, enthusiasm, and beautiful smile as she works with her clients is a fun motivator for us all.  Or, get her book, Incredible Life.  I just started reading it and Kim's story is uplifting and encouraging. 

Can't wait to start looking for the new spring colors!


Practical Parsimony said...

I thought I left a comment here, complimenting your clothing!

Carol Schultz said...

Oh thank you. It is always fun to find something one enjoys as such a good deal.