Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Get free advertising with VISTAPRINT

With the change of economic circumstances many have turned toward side jobs to supplement or replace their income.  But the big question arises about how to get the word out about your business or service without spending a lot of money.

The readers of In The Trenches know that I do not have advertising as part of the blog format because why would I encourage cutting back and at the same time placing ads to encourage one to buy?  I discovered Vistaprint from a recommendation from my son to help provide the tools for promoting the book.  I have had so much fun and am so pleased with the company that I wanted to pass on the information to you so that it might help promote your business, community work, or blog.

Here are some of the things I have ordered for FREE:

Business Cards


Vistaprint has brochures, stationary, hats, rubber stamps, preprinted checks, and there are hundreds of styles to choose from or use your own logos and photos. So far I have been very pleased at their selection and service. Of course they are in this to make money but they have a generous free and sample program to get you started. As your needs and business grow they can be a helpful resource. They also do web hosting and mailing services. I spent and enjoyed an entire afternoon just browsing through their products and designs and tonight found that you can also make caricatures....sounds fun.
Next on In The Trenches...When will this economic crisis be over?

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