Sunday, March 14, 2010

In The Trenches? Find a funny friend!

I have friends who are very funny! Have you known those kind of people who bring sunshine into the room? They tell their stories in such a way that you laugh so hard the tears come? Even the setbacks in life are the beginning of an interesting and entertaining adventure.

Being In The Trenches is a serious thing but it does not have to be without fun and happiness. These seasons in life can remind us the the true joys come not from what we have but those with whom we develop wonderful relationships with.

Ann woke up every morning, did her chores which included outside and household work. When it was time for school she would bundle up all the kids to take them to the local elementary. At 9:00a.m. I would have the coffee on and we would share a few minutes every morning. We talked about gardening, quilting, books, love, kids, faith, finances, and the state of and future of the American Economy. The topics were far ranging and nothing was off limits. We had fun and laughed and then she would be on her way and we would both begin our daily tasks and activities.

This continued until I went back to work and the topics we discussed have impacted my viewpoint of life and events until this day. I have been blessed with many friends in my life and each have been like the bright flowers in the cloudy days.

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