Tuesday, October 6, 2009

$1 million in savings.

Personal financial management is the talk of the town. The financial downturn has gotten people thinking and talking about their budgets as one of the hottest topics around. It's no longer a hush hush topic. Everyday there are news tips, financial articles, and local talk about how to save and manage money.

The following article highlights the benefits of saving money and I am including it because of the charts that show how quickly $1 million can be saved. Hard to believe but possible for many more people than would ever imagine it. The popularity of stocks for a retirement plan seems to have dwindled with so many loosing so much and good old fashioned savings plans are back in style. http://finance.yahoo.com/retirement/article/107884/turn-small-savings-into-a-big-nest-egg?mod=retire-401k

And, what seems to be the most noted area to find ways to cut expenses? Restaurant meals and mochas. Why do you think Starbucks is getting so rich? We like our coffee. It is that same money that can turn into your own little nest egg.

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